© Irure ut pariatur ad ea in ut in et. In incididunt sed tempor 2010 Safety Instructions Mini Excavator, Dumpers & Small Plant 1. It is strongly recommended that operators be properly trained in the operation of mini diggers. 2. It is a requirement of the law that operators must be over 18rears of age. 3. Wear protective clothing as necessary such as a hard hat dust mask and safety footwear ear protection is required if the noise is above 80ba. 4. Carry out services checks and adjustments at the start of each day 5. Check that all persons and animals are clear of the work area at all times. 6. Check that all guards and covers are secure before starting.  Never operate the excavator with missing guards or covers. 7. Only start and operate the machine when sitting on the seat. 8. Familiarise your self with the controls in an open space before starting work. 9. Do not maximum engine speed until completely familiar with all controls. 10. Do not carry passengers 11. Before starting to excavate, check for the presence of electric cables and gas pipes.  Do not use the excavator to dig directly above these services use hand tools. 12. Do not use the excavator beneath over head cables unless there is adequate clearance with the boom in its highest position 13. If the trenches are to be excavated it is likely that they will need a support if they are more than1.2 meters deep. 14. Do not force the machine beyond its capacity as this can cause the machine to become unstable. 15. Extreme care should be taken when operating on or across any slope. 16. Do not move forward over a trench.  Always back and away from it. 17. When loading another vehicle the driver of that vehicle should dismount and stand clear. 18. Do not work under a raised boom. 19. Do not work under the excavator when it is jacked up on its boom or blade. 20. Do not use the excavator as a crane 21. Before stopping the engine and leaving the seat lower the bucket and blade to the ground and put the safety lever in the on position. 22. If the machine is fitted with tracks park on timbers in freezing weather to prevent the tracks from freezing to the ground . 23. Do not attempt repairs.  Contact Solent Tool & Plant Hire if there is a problem.     Aliqua non cillum aute ut aliqua sit nostrud aliquip ea. Magna consequat eu ad aliqua pariatur dolore, incididunt nulla mollit, anim ea dolor dolor in. Officia qui, enim culpa qui cupidatat id proident aliquip quis consequat lorem commodo © Solent Plant & Tool Hire Ltd 11 Ransome Close, Titchfield, PO14 4JD VAT No 824202468